Deploy an App without the standard navigation menu


Grateful if anyone could please explain how to create an App without the standard navigation menus from the Power BI workspace, and only provide the bottom navigation as on the showcases on this page:

Unless I am mistaken, normally when you create an app from the Power BI workspace, you get the standard navigation menu (tabs from your report) or the new left navigation feature. Is there any way to deploy an App without those menus & only show it as shown in those showcases please?

Thanks in advance for your time & cooperation.

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All the showcases are using the ‘publish to web’ feature.

In each of you reports you will see this option in the online service.


Hi @sam.mckay,

Many thanks for your reply. Indeed, that type of display is only available after creating the link using the menu File -> Publish to Web.

My questions/concerns in such a situation are:

Unlike the “Publish App” where the viewers need to have a Power BI Pro to view it, when doing “Publish to web”, anyone whom I send the link can just open it in a browser, right?

Now, can anybody else look for this report on the web? Or is it only those having the report link who can view it?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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if you are using the free version, then yes. That link would be public facing. now, someone would have to know it, but in theory anyone can get to it. And if you look at hte fine print, when you publish to web microsoft says they reserve the right to use that in however manner they want.

if you want a secure way to publish you will need to upgrade to either publish to sharepoint or website/portal

If you publish to a website you will need power bi premium. Microsoft has a handy calculator for figuring out all those costs


Hi @Nick_M,

Many thanks for your reply.

Indeed, I guess publishing it to a secure website/portal or Sharepoint is the most appropriate alternative. We do have the Power BI Pro licences so that’s not a problem; I only wanted to know whether there was a secure way to publish the reports so that none of the standard navigation is visible (i.e. no Power BI website’s top & left menus, etc) --> I wanted the user to browse using the arrows at the bottom of the published report.

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Definitely check out this recent session on developing Apps within the online service.

This runs through how I think these can be used effectively within organisations, and the potential workflow etc.