Deneb Vega lite - Dynamic value for tick count

Hello Experts,

I am working on first project in Deneb Vega lite where I am create a roadmap visual.
I just need help to have dynamic value for a tick count.
This is the visual I have created till now using Deneb Vega Lite.
.In the code I have set the tickcount value to 12. But when user selects only one quarter in timeline slicer, it should show one three ticks for three months. But it is showing 12 ticks with repeated month month.

So, I would like to set tickCount based on measure which is calculating selected Qtr count.

So, I would like to configure tickCount -
“if measure value is less than equal to 3 then 3*3 else 12”

I tried passing measure to tick count using ‘expr’ but it is not working.

So, just want to check if it is possible to have dynamic value for tick count or it has to be always a static constant number value.

Hi @gaurav.malpani0395. Please upload your work-in-progress PBIX file (using sample data if necessary) complete with the Deneb/Vega-Lite visual in question. Greg