[Deneb Question] Bullet Chart

Hi. I want to make a vertical bullet chart using the following columns and measures from the pbix below:

  • dCentros[Regiao] as the category
  • Faturamento as the main measure
  • Tons SOP as the goal/target measure

I have looked on multiple places, including @Greg workout, but even copying and editing the code has not been solving my problem and I am feeling kinda frustrated for working so hard over the past weeks not beeing able to do such a simple thing.

FatMasked.pbix (3.4 MB)

Thank you

Hi Claudio.

I took a quick stab, but your data looks suspect:

I always create a table first to make sure I have the data correct before I convert the table to a Deneb visual and begin the Deneb/Vega-Lite adjustments.

Hope this helps.
eDNA Forum - Deneb Column Bullet Chart.pbix (3.5 MB)

Thank you, Greg, but what do you mean with “create a table first to make sure I have the data correct” ? And how do you do it?


Make a standard Power BI table with the columns/measures you want, then use the Visual Gallery (in the centre of the “Home” toolbar) to change the table visual to a Deneb visual.

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