Deneb | Fix the maximum value of the x axis

Hello, I hope you are well,

On the X axis, I have the measure Sales, which ends in 10,000,000, but according to the filters performed on the dashboard, this final value becomes dynamic.

How can I make this final value at 10,000,000 stay fixed?, that is, it does not change according to the filters performed

This was the simple code I used so far


I already tried to use

“scale”: {“domain”: [0,10000000] }

but was not successful

Can you please upload your PBIX?

Example.pbix (1.5 MB)

Hello Greg, because it contains confidential data, I attached another Pbix but the logic is the same.

Hi @domingo42.

Your syntax was correct, but you maximum value was wrong: once this was changed to 10 billion, it worked.
eDNA Forum - Fix X-axis

Here’s the full Vega-Lite code:

  "data": {"name": "dataset"},
  "encoding": {
    "y": {
      "field": "Country (Short)",
      "type": "nominal",
      "sort": "-x"
    "x": {
      "type": "quantitative",
      "field": "$ Sales",
      "scale": {
        "domain": [0, 1000000000]
  "mark": {
    "type": "bar",
    "tooltip": true

Hope this helps.
eDNA Forum - Fix X-axis.pbix (1.5 MB)

Thank you so much Greg for your help as always