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Deneb Cheat Sheet for Power BI

One of the common occurrences in learning any new technology is trying to remember a set of basics that can help shape your solutions. Deneb is no different, and, as a container for the Vega-Lite grammar for interactive graphics within Power BI, thus exposes the user to two new syntaxes. To help ease the burden for intermediate and advanced users of Power BI of remembering additional syntaxes within Power BI (one already has DAX and Power Query/M), a “cheat sheet” can be useful.

With immense thanks to a Deneb dream team of reviewers (including Daniel Marsh-Patrick, Kerry Kolosko, and Ben Ferry), I hereby present a “cheat sheet” for Deneb and Vega-Lite that contains several small sections with context and code snippets. Hopefully this can be a useful reference for the JSON-based code of Deneb and Vega-Lite.

The Deneb Cheat Sheet is available as a free resource from Enterprise DNA. Simply browse to the Enterprise DNA website, sign up if necessary, then click the DOWNLOADS link in the RESOURCE CENTER section of the navigator, then scroll to the Deneb Cheat Sheet listing and click the DOWNLOAD button.

This document includes brief notes on several topics:

  • general specification structure
  • sorting
  • formatting (of data and axis labels)
  • tooltips
  • layers
  • opacity
  • titles
  • screen widgets
  • Deneb template creation and use
  • linking
  • transformations and parameters
  • colours
  • line charts
  • bar/column charts
  • circular charts
  • view composition (layering, concatenation, faceting, and repeating)
  • conditions
  • if-then-else statements
  • expressions
  • Deneb/Vega-Lite object model (partial, simple, high-level)

There are many resources online for Deneb and Vega-Lite, and, as always, you can refer to the other posts in this Deneb Showcase category of the Enterprise DNA support forum for more examples and templates.



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