Decimal places - Rounding



I have a strange one with rounding of decimal values.

Total Sales = SUMX( Sales [Quantity] * Sales [ Unit Amount ] )

Inside the Sales table, the Unit Amount column has amounts with 4 decimal values. Its rounding the Unit Amount to 2 decimal values before it calculates the row with SUMX.

Example Unit Price 8.2476 x Quantity 777 = $6,408.39. Except I am getting $6,410.25

I have the formatting on the table column set to Decimal values and 4 decimal places.

Any help?


Will have a look, haven’t come across this before


It seems to have worked fine with a very simple demo I have created



So I’m thinking it has to be in the formatting somewhere.

What is the price formatted as in the query editor?


Thanks Sam. It appears the rounding happens in the API call. Which is why I can’t change the behaviour in Power BI.