Days in Date Context for FY_Month Budgets

Hi there, this is my first post in the forum. Will try to be brief, thanks!

I have monthly budgets which I would like to allocate per day.

To do so, I calculate the days in date context, no problem with that.

Problem comes when I try to calculate the days for the budget context, which is FY_Month.

I tried to replicate this from the “introduction to budgeting course”.


Therefore, the logic I have used is:
Days in FY_Month = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS(Dates),

ALLEXCEPT(Dates, Dates[FY_Month]))

Having done that, i get all the rows in the date table. 1856, as if the filter in allexcept had not applied.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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AllExcept measure works by removing all filters except specified column in the current context. If FY_Month is not present as part of the Visual or is not applied as any other Filter like Slicer/Page/Report etc it will not work.

In Budgeting video, a Year filter was applied on Page Level that’s why AllExcept was working. For your case, try something like below.

Days in FY_Month =
    COUNTROWS ( Dates ),
    ALL ( Dates ),
    SUMMARIZE ( Dates, Dates[FY_Month], Dates[Fiscal Year] )

Days in FY_Month =
CALCULATE ( COUNTROWS ( Dates ), ALL ( Dates ), VALUES ( Dates[FY_Month] ) )

Check if this blog is helpful in understanding the difference.

Ankit J

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It works perfectly fine now. Many thanks!