DAX Syntax table name column name

Hi Sam,

Happy New Year,

Why is the below syntax not always used in DAX. Are we only suppose to use the below syntax in Calculated Columns.

Name of Column = 
		'Table Name'[ColumnName]

Elizabeth Tachjian

If referencing a column in either a measure or a calculated column that is how it should be referenced. It should be the exactly the same.

You can reference just a column in a measure though. It has to be wrapped inside an appropriate function.

Hi Sam,

Thank you for the confirmation. Having no exposure to code before, can you suggest which course I should do to gain an understanding of DAX. There are so many new terms such as arguments, expression, condition, syntax.


Start with the Ultimate Beginner Guide to DAX, then jump straight in the Mastering DAX Calculations course. This covers almost everything you will need to know about DAX and how it works and operates.