Dax Quality Check

Please check my report if the DAX is correct. I have completed the steps below in the report:



Task 1 (use crop data)

  1. Determine the change in crop volume grown for the years 2015 -2021

  2. Determine the annualized rate of growth for each commodity between 2015 -2021

  3. Show in table visual with 3 columns, the commodity, change in volume, rate of growth

Task 2 (use crop data)

  1. Pick one commodity

  2. Use the rate of growth to compare projected growth to the actual growth

  3. Create a Chart to compare actuals vs projections

Task 3 (use sales data)

  1. Create a column chart comparing Actuals vs budget and prior year ( By month)

  2. The budget should be cumulative for full year as a trendline

  3. Prior year should be column by month (displayed for full year) cumulative

  4. Actuals in column displayed as cumulative by months (display months only for months selected)


HI @Yrstruly

Please redo your link to your file as its not a link.


sample report.pbix (532.4 KB)

Hi @Yrstruly,

Have you tried using DataMentor to test your dax calculation? DataMentor will be able to give you suggestion on how to improve your dax


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No. i have not

Please give it a try…thanks