Dax measure for multi-row card

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I am using a Dax measure (see below) with a multi-row card that is allowing me to multi-select customers per a slicer. The Dax measure is working, but the customers per my selection are displayed/listed horizontally in the card instead of vertically. How can I get the customers to list vertically?

Dax Measure currently using

Customer label 5 = IF (

ISFILTERED ( Detail[Global Ultimate Duns Name]),
        ALLSELECTED (Detail[Global Ultimate Duns Name] ),
        UNICHAR ( 10 ) & Detail[Global Ultimate Duns Name],

"All Customers "



Try switching to a regular card, rather than a multi-row, , make sure you have wordwrap turned on, and adjust the width of the card until the returned values cascade vertically.

The other trick I have found useful is instead of using a card, use a table with only one cell. Gives the same effect as a card, but gives you more control over the formatting options…

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After I posted the message above, I recalled that I had provided a solution to a very similar issue earlier this year. I dug out the PBIX, which is posted below.


I hope this is helpful.


Excellent, will give it a try.

Much appreciate your help!



Got it to work…

Thank you for you help!