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Dax Logic help needed

Hi All
I need to help in creating an alert based on the below table
Logic 1.pbix (24.5 KB)

Row Labels Spend Leads CPL (Spend/Leads)
India £ 30,804 4078 £ 7.55
Generic £ 9,470 #DIV/0!
South Africa £ 4,454 366 £ 12.17
Pakistan £ 3,135 414 £ 7.57
Kenya £ 1,897 213 £ 8.91
Ghana £ 1,077 116 £ 9.28
Bangladesh £ 1,069 217 £ 4.93
Zimbabwe £ 1,064 121 £ 8.80
Nigeria £ 688 111 £ 6.20
Cameroon £ 483 57 £ 8.47
Saudi Arabia £ 334 2 £ 166.88
Algeria £ 281 54 £ 5.20
Brazil £ 201 35 £ 5.74
Turkey £ 121 45 £ 2.69
Mexico £ 118 23 £ 5.13
France £ 106 84 £ 1.26

If my spend is >200 and my leads are >50 and my CPL is below 10 then it should be shown as GREEN and anything >10 should be shown as RED
Appreciate your help here


Is this what you are expecting


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Hi @Nagi_k,

Is this something you are looking for?

Based on your ask, if spend > 200, lead > 50 and cpl < 10 then green
For Red, I am assuming you just want to see cpl > 10.


One more thing,

You mentioned alerts in the post. Did you want to use gauge, kpi or card visual to use Power BI alerts?? or were you referring to conditional formatting??
I assumed conditional formatting. If you need an alert, please do let us know.



Yes, i want to see CPL>10 should be in RED and <10 should be shown in GREEN.

Is it something we have to use conditional formatting. But when i am trying to use conditional formatting i am not getting in correct way.

In your screenshot i can also see 5.74 is not shown in Green since it is <10 it also to be in green.

@AnshP infact this is what i was looking , 5.74 is not showing anything is it bcoz Spends are >200 and leads are <50 there will be no result (will not be in Red and will not be in Green)

As we are applying logic only for Spend >200 and leads >50.

Can you explain how this conditional formatting applied

Hi @Nagi_k,


you need to have a numeric field (in straightforward terms). So I added a measure to check for your conditions (you have 3 particular[Nagi_sol.pbix|attachment](, and if they are satisfied, then assign the said measure a value, say 1, else 0.

Now when you look at rule-based conditional formatting, you can then use the above measure.

I have included the pbix here. Let me know if you need more clarification.
Happy to do that

Nagi_sol.pbix (17.3 KB)


Thank you so much, i have a small problem, for finding spends i have written a Dax measures and finding leads i have created a cal. column.
I have attached sample file of it in drive since my file is big . If we have DAX then how can we write dax to measure this.

Hi @Nagi_k ,

I requested access to your one drive as I could not access it. But overall, the rule of thumb is to minimize the usage of Calc Col as much as possible. Once I get access to it, I will look into the sample file and send over my inputs.

Thank u, I have given access to one drive


I got it , i have done it …Thank you for the inputs.

For example : Similarly i have 2 created logics for the same table 1 for CPL and CPA else and based on the 2 logics can we create 1 more logic.

for suppose ,
1.Logic 1 is Green and Logic 2 is Green can we can create a alert saying this is ok
2.Logic 1 is Red and Logic 2 is Green can we create a alert saying this is not ok to be reviewed
3.Red and Red not to proceed
4. Green and Red not ok to be reviewed

Great @Nagi_k,

Kudos to you. This is a neat trick and always works when working with conditional formatting.

As far as your second question is concerned, have a look at the image below.
Based on your data, you can easily create a measure for Lead (without a cal col)

The trick here is to use Calculate to show the right sum(aggregation) based on your context.
I hope this helps!!!

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