Dax error: 'relationship object named .....'


I have a dax querying generating a date table. It was working fine but i have made a mistake somewhere and now I get: “This expression refers to a Relationship object named ‘ce588961-c659-48e3-bff3-ded498781cf7’, which has an error.”

My question is how do I find out what “ce588…cf7” refers too ?

With thanks


I’ve never seen this error before, but checking on the Microsoft community, there are number of threads about it. This response seemed to sum up both the problem and the approach to resolving it well.

I hope this is helpful.

– Brian

Hello Brian, thank you for such a quick reply. I found that in my googling too. But it hasnt led me to the problem - will persevere :slight_smile:

Well, it wasnt the primary key as far as I can see. FYI the issues was that I had a calculated table which referencing a field in the table where the error was being reported and which I had removed. Resolving this solved both errors.

Moral - - fix even the problems which seem to be quite independent, lesson learnt!