DAX and Data Modelling

Hi Sam,

Please on the above matter. I have 2 fact tables which are FactSalesInvoice and FactLeadMaster having relationship with DimDates. At the same time, FactSalesInvoice and FactLeadMaster also have relationship to analyse the sales status in the FactLeadmaster.

Any idea how to make the relationship active between FactLeadMaster or any DAX could help for this issue so I can have DimDates in both FactSalesInvoice and FactLeadMaster.

Thank you.


Good Day Dennis,

Inactive relationship needs a special kind treatment to work and you can use UseRelationship Function in DAX.


Example - Sum of Purchase = CALCULATE(

This measure calculates the sum of purchase by date in DimsDates. This is a really simple function to use.

Read the offical doc for more details: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dax/userelationship-function-dax.


@Mohammed_ali is spot on about USERELATIONSHIP. I just wanted to highlight the two excellent videos below - the first focusing on USERELATIONSHIP and the second about physical (active and inactive) versus virtual relationships, that I think you’ll find useful relative to your model.


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