Dates Format Error DD/MM/YY vs. MM/DD/YY - Power BI



I am going through your Scenario Method Workshop video. I could not make it in real-time. Anyway, I had issues with the column conversion of Text to Date. The reason is the dates are saved DD/MM/YY and in the US we use MM/DD/YY. I tried

  1. right-click/Change Type/Date ----- did not work, returned errors
  2. right-click/Change Type/Using Locale/Date/English (United States) ------ did not work, returned errors
  3. split column by “/” then arranged in the ordered used here MM DD YY and Merged by “/”. At this point I was able to change the Type to equal Date.

My question is - why didn’t the “Using Locale” work? Is there another way besides Split then Merge?

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Without re-inventing the wheel here. Have you had a chance to look through the resources mentioned in this post?


The solutions indicated match what I initially wrote in the post. They did not work for me. I thought perhaps others have had success. I am hoping someone following along as I did, your video, might have had different results they could share.



Great stuff, thanks, this lead me to the solution for another issue I encountered related to currency. In the Netherlands we use a “,” for decimals and “.” as 1000 separator. In the query editor right click the column, change type, using locale, select the appropriate format and select country, an example will show you the conversion.



Have you tried re-arranging the text field using the ‘column from examples’ field in the query editor.


I haven’t tested but this feature can fix many of these types of problems quite quickly.