Date Slicer not updating with schedule refresh

I am doing some schedule refresh on a file, but my in between date slicer is not updating?
How do I get that right?

Can you post some images of the issue. I can’t quite picture exactly the problem and could be a number of things

yes so here is the example
I have a schedule refresh. so today the data refreshed up to the 24th of may
but my slicer is staying at 23 May

so its not updating to the recent date and data
I need now to go manually into the file change the slicer date and do a manual refresh?

What I would do to solve this is extend you date table way out, like into 2020.

Then place a page filter on the page to only show the particular year you want to show.

Alternatively what you can also do it create a can create a calculated column with some logic in it that says something like this.

IF( the date is less than or equal to today = “Include”…

Something along this lines.

Then use that column as a page level filter on your report.

This should do it. I actually do this quite a bit in reports I’ve developed for clients.