Date Slicer default to start from April

I want to have Date slicer to default to April of the current year to Current Date.
Ex: 01/04/2018 to 31/09/2018.

Please advice.

I would create a calculated column here and then use this column inside the filter fields (bottom right of Power BI desktop)

So you can right a simple IF statement that says

If the year is the current year and the month is April then that is the start date. Then also have similar logic to also only go up to today.

This isn’t hugely difficult, just have a play around with this concept.


Hi Sam,
Thanks for your response, I did calculated field as I have a sample data which ends in 2016, I am using year as 2016.

StartDate = if (dates[month]="April" && dates[Year]="2016",CONCATENATE("01 Apr ",dates[Year]),CONCATENATE("01 Apr ",dates[Year]))

In slicer, I am using dates[date] as input for slicer… I am not able to drag StartDate (filter fields). where can I find that option.

I think you’re close here but not getting the concept exactly.

Here’s some images.

You want you IF statement to create a filter. Where you have say the TRUE() to be the date range you want to show and then the FALSE side of the statement to be something else.

This will give you a dimension you can use in your report pages, which is what I believe you want.

The filter fields can be found here.


You can then place your new calculated column into this area.

Here’s a video on filter fields