Date Calendar with holidays in Excel

Is it possible to use the extended date calendar v2 in Excel using public holidays?
I am not getting the AddRelativeNetWorkdays parameter to set to TRUE.

@Melissa ?

Has anyone used it in Excel?


Hi @JohnGriffiths,

There should be no difference in using the Extended Date table in Power BI, Dataflows, or Excel for example. Holidays need to be passed as a list. Have you set that up?

If you are experiencing issues, please attach an XLSX file.

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the reply. After trouble shooting my own introduced errors, it worked today as you knew it should. I wont go into the details (our network, privacy settings, and user error) that broke it, as not relevant to your perfect date calendar.

Now just to convince the IT department to implement a dataflow so all new reports can use it. I dont like my chances. Why are some people so averse to change when there are clear benefits! (Rhetorical).