Dataset refresh notification using flows

Hi friends, I’m able to refresh dataset automatically by using Microsoft flows. Everything works fine except email notification after data refresh is done. Is there a way to get an email message once the dashboard is refreshed through MS flows?

Appreciate your help.

I don’t see an answer for below post.

You could setup an email notification action after the data refresh action.

Thanks for your response. can you please give me the flow step after kickoff the refresh?

Have a look at this.

Hi @rush2bi

Create subscription to your report.
Using subscription you can configure email notification after data refresh.

Subscribe to a dashboard or a report page,BI%20service%20dashboards%20and%20reports.&text=Open%20the%20dashboard%20or%20report.&text=The%20screen%20on%20the%20left,report%20page%20and%20select%20Subscribe.

Select a Frequency for your subscription. You may choose Daily, Weekly, or After data refresh (Daily).

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