Dataset refresh error


Greetings Enterprise DNA community,

I’m using an API to extract exchange rates for a report within PBI. The only custom M code that was input was a date parameter used in my source.

Whenever I attempt to refresh the source at the beginning of a new month, it resets the date column to a type “Type”.

“Expression.Error: We cannot convert the value “2018-01-01” to type Record.

Any suggestions on how to avoid this from occurring? Whenever I select “Go to Error”, it reverts back to the step where I converted the data to a table.


Nicolas Nouchi


Sorry not something I’m very familiar with unfortunately. Maybe another member may have an idea.

By just guessing here is seems that the way all the dates (via your API) are flowing into the query editor aren’t the same value type, so it’s falling over somewhere because of that.

Maybe check the raw data source and make sure that no additional rows (or columns) of information are coming in that aren’t relevant.


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