Dataset Limits with Power BI Pro license


Anybody know what Power BI mean by if keep the the excel experience, you will be limited to 250MB for the dataset.

Dataset limits

There is a 1 GB limit, per dataset, that is imported into Power BI. If you have chosen to keep the Excel experience, instead of importing the data, you will be limited to 250 MB for the dataset.

detail found under this link

Thanks in advance.

Firstly, I almost 100% doubt you would reach those numbers for a singular dataset.

That’s really just preventing people uploading 10s of millions of rows, maybe 100 million without there being a limit.

Regarding the excel thing, it is weird wording that’s for sure in my opinion, by I’m guessing they are meaning something related to connection to a powerpivot model.

I’ve had a look around and that’s the best reasoning I can come up with right now.