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DataSet - can i change it from direct to import?

I have created a DataSet because I have a set of data that I know i will need to use a few times potentially in other reports.

The issues i find is that when i import the dataset it’s a direct query which really slows everything down. This data is only updated once a week so i don’t need direct query. Am i able to change the dataset so that it imports the data?

In the bottom right corner of my screen it says “Storage Mode: Direct Query”.


I want to clr one thing here you are talking about dataset of power bi web or you are connecting your report with other source.


I’m not sure what you mean? Here’s what I have.

I created a PowerBi Dataset. The Data that makes up this dataset is sitting in sharepoint online, new files are added to sharepoint weekly. I’m then creating new PowerBi report and using “get data” datasets. Once that dataset is in the report I may bring in other data sources to link to it.

The PowerBi dataset that I am bringing in is direct query and it’s very slow. As well when I go into “transform data” there are no queries, hence no data for me to potentially update.

I’ve added some images for reference.

while connecting to power bi dataset we get two type of connection one is live and other is direct query .
Direct query is used when you want to add new table of file with your existing table which came from dataset .
if you do not need to add anything new then you should use live it will be faster .

I see it now, the “make changes in the bottom right hand corner”. But if i keep it as a live connection i can’t add any other sources, is this correct? It seems by doing a live connection I’m only limited to this one dataset?

A DirectQuery seems to be needed to do any changes? Instead of a DirectQuery, am i able to import the data so it runs locally?

Yes ,
You are getting it right you can watch the below video to get better idea about connection


Guy in a cube… :slight_smile: i’ve watched many a clips…

He does say you can change any source to an "import, but he doesn’t actually show how to change the dataset to an import. I can’t find it anywhere else either.

I guess I’ll have to drop the use of datasets, if i can’t change them to import they just are not that usefull.


It totaly depend on your use case whats suits you best if you want to use power bi data set with other sources than you move toward composite model .

if you are going to make a new report from existing dataset then live connection is best option .

and import is always there for you.


Hey Anurag,
To your note, “import is always there for you”? That’s the part I don’t understand. How is import still available from a dataset?

I’ve added three screen shots. The first is what it looks like when i first bring in the dataset. The second is what it looks like when i click on transform data, it asks me to create a local model. The third is what it looks like when i create that local model.

it appears to go from a “live” connection to a “directquery”,in neither case do i have access to the data when i click on transform data as well direct query is very slow.

Can i take this dataset to a “import” mode?


By saying “import is always there for you” instead of connecting to power bi dataset you can connect with data source and create import for your report if its fit for your requirement.

Hoping now I am clear to you.

Note : You can not create import from power bi dataset it either connect as live mean or direct query.


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