Data visualisation on a Map

Hi Experts, I am working on a file that shows the on / off status of network devices. I am trying to map the status of the device on a play axis map and build a picture of the volume of “OFF” devices over a period of time.

The data has an ON record and an OFF record.

Is there a way to keep the device showing as OFF as the map scrolls through the time intervals until the ON record appears? When ON record is activated the device disappears from the map or turns another colour if I select both ON & OFF to appear on the map.

A secondary question, can the time between ON / OFF records be recorded and summarised?

Attached is a file with anonymised data. Sorry I cannot share the location details.

Device ON or Off Public.xlsx (3.0 MB)

Hi @stevens - Can’t help with the Map part. However, if you can provide more information on this “A secondary question, can the time between ON / OFF records be recorded and summarised?”. Then I can help.

Ankit J

Thanks Ankit, I ended up creating a summarised table with device name, on, off columns filled with alarm date/time. Then created another column using datediff in minutes. The map is still proving to be a problem.

Ok @stevens. Like I mentioned, could have helped with Summarization but can’t help with the Maps.

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Thank you, I managed to work through part of the problem. Which is to use summarise to deal with time between device going off and coming back on. (Thank you accelerator course notes :slight_smile: )

I am still trying to develop a time lapsed map that shows devices going “off” and staying “off” until going “on” again.

The problem is the data only has a record that shows what date/time the device goes “off” and when it comes back “on”. How do we keep the device showing on the map during the time intervals between “off” and “on”?

I think the solution is to create a record for each device in each time iteration showing the last alarm status.


Unfortunately I cannot provide the complete data with locations as it is confidential.

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