Data Source option for a Website


Hi Sam,

I am working on a report that requires me to bring some data from a chat website called liveperson. It requires to log in with account ID, email, and password. I am not sure what is the best way to connect Power BI Desktop to chat date. The Chat Data can be exported in CSV and JASON file from the website.
I can save csv. file in a folder and connect Power BI with the information but trying to see if there is any way I can link without having to save a file in a folder. Do you have any suggestion for me?




Unfortunately this is a difficult one, and I don’t really have much insight into how to do this.

I’ve never worked on something like this. I would always default to the csv option usually.

Maybe someone else with more experience in this area may be able to offer some advice.



I hope someone in this group can help me with this. I did a lot of research but nothing was easy for someone with no developer background.



The website needs to have an ability to connect and authenticate your details.

This is normally achieved through use of an API.

It has a REST api same as POwer BI does so you should be able to achieve a result with this.


Thanks Garry! I am looking into this option.