Data refresh very slow


My PBI file is 14MB and is connected to the data source (Xero) by an Odata feed.

When I refresh the data, it takes a very long time to complete.

I am on the Pro license not the premium license. Would upgrading to the premium license speed up the refresh rate or is there something else I should consider?

Appreciate any suggestions.



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I would say it’s difficult to guess at this one without seeing your PBIX file/data model/Power Query Transformations.

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Hi @VBA ,

I noticed you didn’t provide a PBIX file. Providing one will help users and experts find a solution to your inquiry faster and better.

A perfect initial question includes all of the following:

  • A clear explanation of the problem you are experiencing
  • A mockup of the results you want to achieve
  • Your current work-in-progress PBIX file
  • Your underlying data file (to allow us to go into Power Query if necessary to transform your data and/or data model – often DAX questions really end up being data modeling solutions)

Check out this thread on Tools and Techniques for Providing PBIX Files with Your Forum Questions

Not completing your data may sometimes cause delay in getting an answer.

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@VBA It depends on what kind of capacity do you have, and it doesn’t depend on your license.

If you use the share capacity, you can refresh it by manually.

And if you use the Premium capacity, you can use the manually refresh and REST API refresh.

As for how to use the REST API, you can refer these links below: