Data Modelling Design (4 layers okay?)

Hi all.
Just wanted to know after doing the advanced data modelling.
Is it okay to have more more than 4 layers in a data model? If someone can please give me some advice.
I am not sure if having 4 layers within a data model is “Over-Kill”. but i thought this would be the most intuitive way?

So my “Product Sub-Category” even though its a fact table to my “Product Category” its also a Lookup tables too. So am i correct with the following

  • Data Model Design (it is fine to have 4 layers)??
  • Product Sub-Category is this places correctly? Along with all my relationships types in model?

Appreciate any input
Thanks in advance.

Your model looks fine but it brings us back to the classic tale of a star- and snowflake schema…
Here’s some more information about that:

As far as your relationships go they are all single direction and one to many - no problems there.

Visually it would make more sense to place the product category and product subcategory tables above the product table.

That’s it for me.

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Nope - can be ticked as solved.
All good