Data Model Very Slow

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to compare stock on hand against open quotes. As my current data model stands it all works accordingly however it is incredibly resource hungry and often wont load due to this or the scope of date i am looking at must be significantly reduced. This is my current data model setup and i am only utilising simple dax formulas such as sum within the table.

Data Model
(Stock Group = Lookup Table) (Inventory Warehouse = Fact table of stock on hand) & (Open Quote = Fact Table)

The tables are connected via Stock Code.

This is the content of my table that is very slow:

Let me know if you need to see more information


Could be a few things.

How big are your table?

Is it the loading of the data that is slow or is it calculation speeds when you are placing measures into tables or visuals?

Another reason why this code be is because you are using (in the same table it looks like) dimensions from the inventory warehouse table and then measures which calculate over the open quotes table maybe? I’m not 100% sure but that’s my guess.

This would be causing many issues because the formulas won’t calculate correctly as the filters won’t be applied correctly.

Let me know.

Yes i am currently using formulas based on the inventory table as well as formulas based on the quote table. Should i use table values instead? i was just using measures in case i wanted to do time intelligence etc

Cheers Sam,

Without seeing the model it’s hard to tell exactly, I’m just going off the images.

What I’m thinking here is the inside you table, you have Stock Code and Product dimensions. Do they both come from the Stock Group table?

To me it looks like Product maybe comes from Inventory Warehouse which would certainly be causing some issues and there no relationship between that table and open quotes table