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I have a relatively simple data model but I am wondering how best to say it up as the way I have it now I am encountering some issues.
I have 3 employee tables as each employee can either be the Managing, the Responsible or the Working Lawyer on a particular Matter, and two fact tables which can’t be combined.
The Managing and Responsible lawyer tables I have connected to Matter through their respective IDs but I am unable to join the Working Lawyer in the same way as there is no Matter Working Lawyer ID. As such, I have joined working lawyer directly to the fact tables but then if I create a visual with Matter and a metric, I can’t use the Matter from the Matter table as there is no relationship and if I use the Matter from one of the fact tables, only the measures associated with that fact table work.

Any recommendations on how to best set this up please?

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Hi @garym9006,
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I share a data model similar to the one you are commenting on in which I do not see any problem to use the Matter field of the dimension table and the Total Amount measure.


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