Data Model Structure OK?

Hi everyone i am building my first Power Bi report using a data set from our health and safety management system. i think i have structured my model o.k but it looks like there is a lot going on within the model and the multiple relationships and wondered if there is a better way, would love some feedback.

ive tried to copy an image of the model below, hope it worked

While this may look - at first glance - to be overwhelming I feel it actually seems to me to be very straight forward.

Others may disagree but for me it seems fine.


I’m with Guy on this one. Looks pretty straight forward. Only suggestion is that I see several tables where it looks like there are 1-2 items? Is there a way to merge any of that info into 1 table, or does it need to be that way?


Yes agree, from a structure point of view it looks sound. The only thing I would look at changing as mentioned above, is look to consolidate some of these tables together by merging them in the query editor.

By doing this you will just be simplifying it more and making it even easier to understand than it already is.


One thing that I have found helpful is to create different Layouts in the Model tab in Desktop. Things can get messy pretty fast, but breaking it down into different layouts seems to help, me at least.

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your responses and taking the time to give me some tips on improving my model. Im stoked that my model structure is sound - a testament to your teaching Sam.