Data label for only 1st n last nonblank

Hola EDNA - requesting help with data labels.

Need first and last non-blank data label to appear for my base, although in this pic I only show two different lines. I will typically have four to six, for 13 weeks…it can look harry. :slight_smile:

I would like the base, because it’s a constant line, to only who up @ the start and the end of what ever range I select in the date slicer. Please see screen shot and attachment.

DM-XT.pbix (198.7 KB)

would this work as a solution for you?

this uses the “Y-Axis Constant Line” under the Analytics section of the visualization (3rd button in the visual pane):

select the appropriate Constant Line (y axis), and click add line. You can rename the line (the default name is useless in most reports), and set the value using the fx button on the Line section:


to display the name and value, just select “Both” in the Style section of the Data Lable:

You can add other constant lines if needed. Solution Attached
eDNA Solution - DM-XT.pbix (198.6 KB)

@Heather - Reviewing now. looks like it will work.

I was than hoping to turnaround and show on the 2nd line (min) and (max) number of what is currently shown. in this case 4.0 would be the high and the low would be 2.6.

Thank you so much

Sorry it’s taken so long to respond - lots of meetings lately.

this can be done with a conditional format of the data label color:

the measure I have used is:

AS(SC) DataPoint Color = 
VAR _MinVal = 
        MINX( ALLSELECTED( 'Calendar'[WE] ), [AS(SC)] )
VAR _MaxVal =
        MAXX( ALLSELECTED( 'Calendar'[WE] ), [AS(SC)] )
VAR _MaxColor = "#00AB03"
VAR _MinColor = "#FF1010"
VAR _Transparent = "#00000000"
        SWITCH( TRUE(),
                [AS(SC)] = _MinVal, _MinColor,
                [AS(SC)] = _MaxVal, _MaxColor,
                _Transparent )

Important note - I DID mark your Calendar table as a Date table

I used HEX codes for green (max) and red (min) to color the points - but you could use the same color if you wanted.

eDNA Solution2 - DM-XT.pbix (186.2 KB)