Data Cleaning for mutiple entries in a row

Hello EDNA Team,

I am a new bie and currently working through my training and I am trying to clean a data set specifically the Government Cyber Breaches Data set in the Time Intelligence - Highlighting Trends Challenge. I have two columns that have multiple entries in the rows the columns are (Location of Breached Information) and (Type of Breach).

I don’t know how to clean these columns so they have only single entries in each row please I would appreciate help and guidance on how to proceed with this step.

Thank you

Hey Smusa,

I will suggest you use UI option available in power bi for transformation as per my understanding that will solve your problem.
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Hello @PankajNamekar thank you for responding am still learning power BI so i don’t know what the UI function is can you please explain further?

Thank you

Hey Sure,

You can use Extract function or column from example.
you can explore those option in power query.


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