D365 F&0 Datawarehouse

I am a new Reporting Analyst here, seeking guidance on Dynamics 365 Finance and Power BI reporting. I am struggling with the current data structure:
• Data from the datalake is dumped into SSMS in views, with no clean dimension or fact tables (no ETL process performed).
• There is no data dictionary or available schema to understand the relationships between views.
• Need to create sql scripts to generate transactions, trial balance and other relevant tables.
Any assistance or guidance from experienced professionals would be greatly appreciated! Additionally, if there are recommendations for external tools that can automate this process, please share.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @Godzy,

Enterprise DNA has amazing libraries for Finance resources.

For innovative report ideas, visit: https://app.enterprisedna.co/app/showcase

Enhance your SQL skills in Finance with courses links:
https://app.enterprisedna.co/app/player-course/327 and https://app.enterprisedna.co/app/events/308

Data Mentor - It can help you gain insights into column meanings, relationships, and more, even without a data dictionary. It is a real time tool to solve most of your data problem.

LINK: https://mentor.enterprisedna.co