Customize Gantt Chart!

Hi Team,

I want to customize a Gantt chart. I am using Gantt chart from the app store(Gantt 2.2). Basically I want to do 3 customization.

  1. show category label as day of month instead of date.
  2. Adjust the width of the bar based on the data label
  3. Conditional formatting of colour based on the duration.

Attached below is the snapshot of my requirements and sample PBI file attached. Is it possible to do it in this custom visual or I will have to use Deneb? I am new to Deneb so I am not sure if that is achievable in Deneb or not?

Demo Report Gantt 2.2.3.pbix (8.8 MB)

@Naila please check url ,might help you

Thank you @xshields for guidance. This is a very good technique but I think I will not be able to add custom labels on the matrix like customer wants to see.

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