Customers segmentation regarding to product mix


I need to rank our customers regarding product mix they are buying.

for example:
from total sale customer buy (by product-segments): 10% braking, 5% suspension, 3% filters …

We know, that ideal customer (mechanic) should buy from total sale : 15% braking, 10% suspension, 8% filters … all together I will monitor 6 most important segments.
If they don’t buy it, it buy it from our competition …

My goal is:

  • rank customers regarding how good they are in product-mix (what is their sale percentage regarding to ideal sale by product segments)
  • give top ranking customers better conditions (better product mix = higher loyalty)
  • find customers who for example missing 2 of 8 important segment and give to sales team a task to try to sell them missing segment
  • find customers who buy only small amount or nothing from important segments and rank them as not-important costumers

Please if you have an idea how to start I will be very grateful.
I watch some videos but I didn’t similar problem …

Thanks and best regards,

I’ve had a good think about this one and it’s not easy. I have to admit I have even thought of something like this before.

You need a proper ranking methodology though that I’m not quite sure you can create with the example you’ve given. How will you rank a person one versus a person 100 for example.

They could have completely different baskets that they need so how you would rank them based on this? It doesn’t really seem possible or logical.

To me though you could easily work out the basket each customer has and then compare it to an ideal basket. This wouldn’t be too difficult at all.

The issue here is the ranking. I can’t see how you can create this sort of logic even if you weren’t using Power BI.

Do you want to have a think about this and come back with more info…


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