Customer Visuals and Data Sets


Hi Sam.
Questions below.

  1. Do u make any training videos around utilising custom visuals, like maybe a top 5/10 you could showcase?

  2. And in terms of DataSets we used mainly Datasets where the columns are around Total Sales / Total Cost / Products/ Regions etc. Do you have or recomend any videos / advice where the datasets are not the standard measures. ? By the way videos are creates and have been really information.

Have been looking at the Finanical Reporting videos. Similar visual to yours but have put my own spin on it.
Just curious to know your thoughts on visuals? Feedback would be really helpful to get your views :slight_smile:




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I’ve updated for now.

I don’t use custom visuals that often, for a number of reasons. But some of the visuals have been getting quite good of late, so it might be something I’ll look into further.

I use generic measures quite often as that cover many basis for the majority. Many of the showcases made available though are unique.

One thing you will find though is that whatever the ‘core measures’ are it doesn’t actually matter, the techniques and patterns you use in your models don’t change one bit.

I’ve created 100 of models and reports now and I can say with 100% confidence that the patterns around formula and visualization don’t change at all for any data you work with. It’s all the same.

In saying that though, I will have many sessions in the future for members that will change things up a lot.

Visuals I think look great on your reports. Maybe the colours could align a little bit more. Trick there is just to use one or two main colours and then just change the shades for them. Overall though I think it looks great.


No worries thanks
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