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Customer Lookup table with sales band

Hi All, I have a Customer Names lookup table, where I have used the measure to get the customer sales, and in another column I have used a Switch function to make a sales band or sales slab for high and low volume customers. Using a slicer, when I use the same banding to filter by customer, the sales numbers dont appear correctly…for e.g customer sold more than 20,000 units should be filtered, but in the filter even other customers sold less than 20,000 units appear. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, if anyone has faced this problem.


Hi Chris kindly share your pbix file, so members can provide better and accurate solution.

Hi Shumaila,

Please find attached and thank you.

Last 5 Year Sales.pbix (571.0 KB)

Hi @chris786

Banding you created based on Over all Total Quantity. When you select High Vol, you can see only Customer’s whose over all total Qty is >20,000.

Here you are selecting Year also 2020,
Now you can see only those Customer’s total Qty in 2020, that’s why you are seeing <20,000

Select all year’s then only you can see only >20,000. You need to change the model.

Hope this clarifies your problem.

Hi Rajesh, yes that’s right, I was wondering if there was an easier solution to filter and see the results. But, I guess will have to use the same model as in Sam’s video.

Hi @chris786

Tried something.

Last 5 Year Sales.pbix (574.7 KB)

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Hi Rajesh,
Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I also adjusted the formula so that if there is no selection, it should show all the results.
Thanks for helping.

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