Customer Churn - using SWITCH?


Just been reviewing the content below on attrition.
Can you please advise and show me if i wanted to show Attrition, using the DAX function SWITCH the setup i would need to use?

Is there a way this could be shown please?


If i am being honest with myself, this is the only type of analytics i am finding really hard to comprehend. Especially when lost customers calculations is being done.

I feel like the key thing to understand in this how CALCULATABLE and FILTERS.
Its so frustrating trying to get me head around this…
So thought i’ll if i could use SWITCH instead?


Really I’m not sure why you need to use SWITCH for anything? Why do you think you need to use it.

The formulas are already laid out in a why that it works fine, so not sure why the wheel needs to be re-invented here.

You can find a unique use of SWITCH below, which is just for visualization purposes, nothing to do with attrition per se.

I recommend reviewing the model download and tutorial here which covers this all in detail.

Also check out this tutorial here for more techniques around using SWITCH