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Custom visual chart

Hi Team,

Can any one help me on doing below chart

Chart should be bar chart but instead of bar in should display glass pipe symbol.


Can any one help me on this

Thanks in Advance


Welcome to the forum!

I think the Microsoft Infographic Designer custom visual is your best bet for handling this requirement.

Here are couple of rough, quick sample graphics I put together with it to illustrate the basic capabilities, per your requirement:

It’s got really powerful customization capabilities, but the interface is not very intuitive. Here’s a good video that explains how to use the key features.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

FYI for those interested,

My shoddy examples above didn’t do it justice, but the Microsoft Infographic Designer can create some pretty amazing visuals. If you’re interested in exploring the range of things it can do, here is a detailed PDF overview of its capabilities:

This visual also has its own YouTube channel with a bunch of 2-3 minute videos demonstrating the different types of infographics that can be created:

  • Brian

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