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First, I don’t see the “Data Visualizations” board anymore so I am not certain where to post this…

I am trying to display sales data by zip code only using a shape map instead of a regular map that shows the bubbles. I have downloaded a Census zip code map and run it through MapShaper to reduce the size of the file and it will display on my map, however I can’t figure out how to join my fact table with sales by zip code to this custom map. I don’t actually see zip code in the custom map. any suggestions? Are there any examples of this type of map on EDNA?


Hi @patrickcox

More about shape map you can find at:

you need to pick Custom map:

and add file:

and then add Location and Color saturation

for more precise help could you provide some sample pbix file ?

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Thanks for your reply. I actually used that page to get to where I am. I have attached an example PBIX file. It has sales transactions with Zip code data. And then I have created a shape map visual and added a customer zip code JSON file I created from a census file. The first tab contains the shape map with the custom map JSON file. It is extremely slow. But it also isn’t really working. I think the problem is that I have no relationship between the custom map and the Sales data by Zip Code. That is where I need help.

AdventureWorks_Map Example.pbix (2.3 MB)

Could you check your CustomShapeMap cb_202us…

When I check custom shape map
under View map type key


I don’t see 5 digits postal codes:

For example if you go to the standard that you use you have Province name

I started with the following file from the census bureau and then converted it to JSON…


I think the last column is actually the zip code but it was converted to a number format so leading zeros were dropped. I actually just tried a different source for the zip code list and just used one state and I think i have it working.

For reference, I used this source, which seems to be a better source…


Thanks for your help.

Does anyone know how these districts are created in this PBI example from Microsoft? (The Shape_Area and the Shape_Leng). Thanks.

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