Custom Total Row Calculation


Hi Sam, I’m struggling with this.
In the attached picture, the column surrounded with red calculates fine all the way through. My company’s requirement to use a separate calculation in the Total row is causing my issue.
The Basic calculation is:
Column 3 / (Column 2 + Column 3)

For The Total Row, I need it to be;

Column 3 / (Column 4 + Column 3)

So for the custom Total I need column 3 to switch to column 4

Is this possible?



This shouldn’t be too difficult.

What I would do here is create two variables with each of those calculation you mention.

Then use this pattern of

IF( HASONEVALUE( column in table) , first variable, second variable )

What this does is that it enables you to have a custom calculation in the total area.

I detail the technique in this video here, even though the scenario is a little different


This worked perfectly. Thank you so much!