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Custom Sort order of columns in a matrix

Sample 1.pbix (24.2 KB)

In the pbix, for the Type (in columns), I want to Order it in the order E, R, CS.
Without creating calculated columns/ custom columns, is it possible?


As you have already discovered, it’s going to require some sort of column to tell PowerBi how to sort that data. At least if you leave the names as they are.

I did it by adding a new table with the sort data, but that breaks your requirement of no new columns (technically I added two with the new table)



Since the current logic on your original table is causing CS to come first because it is first in the alphabet, if possible you could rename your Types, so they will fall properly:

image eDNA Sample 1 - Sorting Options.pbix (31.6 KB)



Without creating Calculated/Custom column

You can use Table.Pivot in PQ. But here the problem is you will not get Row Total.
To Get Row Total create a measure.

If you don’t want to convert to Pivot, create measures for each type and Total.



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