Custom formula in Advanced Editor - Power Query


Hi Sam,

Came across an interesting technique to create a formula already in the Advanced Editor, either from a query or from a blank query and invoke it, so to avoid a calculated column or a heavy DAX formula in the model itself.

I find that on bigger datasets calculations such as banding or segmenting may slow down the model, hence my interest in this.

Maybe a good topic.



Sure thing. Can you share the specific idea that you saw?


See file attached. Custom formula added to the data in the Query Editor.
PQ formula.pbix (53.9 KB)


Thanks Paul.


I’m still not 100% as to what this is doing. Mainly because I can’t see what the raw data looks like.

Able to share this as well?


Attached the Excel data file.
Custom formula.xlsx (16.3 KB)


Great thanks. Will review this one and add it to the list.