Custom font described in an opentype text font file and logo (.svg) needs to be added to .pbix file

CarbonairesSans-Bold.otf (197.0 KB)
CarbonairesSans-Regular.otf (201.0 KB)

I need to add a custom font described in an opentype text font file, as well as a logo in a.svg file, to a.pbix file, using the colour codes listed below:
Test.pbix (490.6 KB)

Primary1: #1B5E20,
Secondary: #5E5E5E;

Hi @mrommala ,

Supposed you add Custom Fonts in

your Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts

Then you change it in PBIThemes explained at:

Hope it helps.

Hi @mrommala ,

Did you find solution ?
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If not, can you let us know where you’re stuck and what additional assistance you need?

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