Current Year based on Boolean Value


I have a calendar table where I have a Year field and a boolean field CurrentMonth which shows true if it is current month else false. My fiscal year months starts from July till June.
Right Now I am using a filter to select the current year to show the data. Is it possible to automate this and remove the filter. something like below

CurrentYear = Year where CurrentMonth = True. ( trying to get the Year value for current month) Or Is there is a better way to show current fiscal year data automatically.


When you say filter here are you saying filters here below?


Or do you mean a slicer is creating the filter.

If you want to automatically have your page update, you want to be using boolean columns inside this area here.

Similar to the example here,

Does this get you want you need?


Thanks for the reply. I am looking for a page level filter which will show the data for Current fiscal year ( July to June) automatically. We are showing monthly Forecasting data for current year and do not want the user to change the year every year.

I not not able to come up with the formula. I saw the video, still not able to think how do I write the formula to Get the current Year.

Any help is appreciated.


I think you could get this done with a formula like the below

FY Switch = 
                    FILTER( ALL( Dates ), Dates[Date] = TODAY() ) )

IF( Dates[FY] = CurrentFY, TRUE(), FALSE() )



Thanks… As I am using Fiscal Year which is July to June( these months fall in one year for example say Current year july to june is 2018)

What will be the year on Feb 15 Next year. will it be 2018 or 2019. I need 2018 as my current year. If I use Today() will it not give me 2019

All I need is Page level Current Year Filter which will be same year( 2018) for months from July to June and it should change automatically every year.


Can you use similar logic to what I have suggested to get what you need?

It seems like all you need to do here is work out the parameter to sub into for TODAY()

What about trying to work out in a variable which is the current Fiscal year?

Will need an example model otherwise. Thanks

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