Currency translation - Virtual table result to all rows

Hi guys

I’m having some difficulty removing context from values resulting from a virtual table in a measure.
The project relates to financial statement currency translation where different rates are used for different areas of accounting. This results in an exchange difference which is required to balance off the books.

The problem is with measure CTA (stands for Currency Translation Adjustment). I have a virtual table which computes the adjustment by business/month year and this is working fine. But I need to remove the filter context for Chart Of Accounts table so that Total CTA shows on every line.
Once I have that I can put an if statement in to just put this amount on a CTA line sourced from the CoA.

(in the example 2,069.64 for Feb 2022 for UK Ltd)

I would have expected ALL or REMOVEFILTERS to work but alas no. I’m guessing it’s the virtual table which is the sticking point, but no idea how to fix.

Help appreciated

FX.pbix (124.3 KB)

See if this helps you

Medida = 
    ALL (),
    SUMMARIZECOLUMNS ( Dates[Date], Business[Business] )

Thanks @VilmarSchi - Working fine
Just gotta sort out my matrix totals and I’m good to go

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