Cumulative Totals not working

My Cumulative total is not changing at all. It only shows me the amount for that transaction.

I’m using Sam’s Date table and has marked the Date table as the Date Table.

I have a Customer Transactions table with a TransDate (transaction date), an amount and “DrCr” indicating whether the amount is positive or negative. The measure [Signed Amount] set the amount accordingly.

I’m trying to show the running total for a particular customer in the report.

Attached my report as well.

test cumulative.pbix (176.2 KB)

Hi @fanie,

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There’s actually nothing wrong with your calculation - the problem you’re facing is one of context. As you can see on the image below, when the context is changed everything adds up nicely.

Added a Running Total v2 measure to return a value for all dates in between TransDate dates.

Running Total v2 = 
VAR myTable =
            CALCULATE( FIRSTDATE( Dates[Date] ), ALLSELECTED( Dates[Date] )),
            MAX( Dates[Date] )
        "Value", [Signed Amount]

VAR Result =
    SUMX (


Here’s more on context:

I hope this is heplful.
test cumulative.pbix (180.7 KB)

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Thanks for the response and help.

I’ve watched Sam’s video “Customer Deep Dive - Development” again and noticed he starts with the Dates[Date] as the date in his visual instead of the TransDate I’ve used in mine. I changed the date and that solved my problem!

I’ll work through your solution as well to understand the inner workings of Power BI.

Nice one!

That’s exactly what I did but I guess I should have described it more clearly, apologies for that.

Hi @fanie , you may also want to check this video where Sam talked about cumulative totals. You might get additional tips here.