Cumulative count


I need little guidance on the below scenario. please can you help

I have registrations for events. need to show cumulative count of registrations for selected year.
the cumulative count should start in descending order of weeks to go column. attached is a sample data.

Sample.xlsx (11.1 KB)


See if the attached PBIX is what you’re looking for.

Hope this is helpful.

Key measure is:

Cumulative Registrations = 
        [Total Registrations],
        FILTER (
            ALLSELECTED ( Registration_Fact ),
            MIN ( Registration_Fact[weeks_to_go] ) <= Registration_Fact[weeks_to_go]

Sam has a bunch of great videos on cumulative totals. Here are a few:

eDNA Forum - Cumulative Count.pbix (36.7 KB)

Thank you.
I already did that but when I put event edition as a legend, the lines are overlapping.
So I thought I am doing wrong in the formula.

Thanks Brian,
Found the mistake with my report and I got this fixed. Appreciate your help.

Best Regards