Cumulative budget question


I’m working on a report right now and having some trouble getting my formula to work. I took an annual budget allocation and separated it into monthly calculations. I am trying to write a formula that calculates the cumulative budget after each month. In other words, the monthly budget allocation is 34k, and so the cumulative budget on the year in January is 34k, in February it’s 68k, in March its 102k, so on and so forth. The formula I wrote I modeled after what I learned in the Enterprise DNA course, yet I can’t the numbers to accumulate. If I put the measure in a visual, like a table for example, It just says that the Jan-Dec budget is 34k each month. Please help!


This is typical if one the relationships between your tables is incorrect. I recommend that you check your model.



I’m going to need more help than that I think. I’ve uploaded my file, which is called “THL program overview”. The budget and dates table do not have any direct relationship as they both flow down to the Expenses fact table. I’ve also uploaded the “budgeting” file from the enterprise DNA course that Sam created. The budget data table and the dates table are also not connected in this file yet he’s able to calculate cumulative budgets over time, which is what I’m trying to do. Where am I going wrong?
THL program overview.pbix (106.8 KB)

Budgeting.pbix (592.0 KB)


Let download these and take a look.

Possibly I can work through it this weekend, please hang in for a bit.



Thanks Guy. I appreciate the help

Yeah I guess that’s an easier way to get the cumulative budget. Why wasn’t the other way working though?

Also, if you notice on page 1 of my report I have an area chart visualization. Why is the graph going backwards in time? (x axis is going left to right March 2018 to January 2018). How do I get my graphs to not do that?

Hi Ben the key to answering this lies in this example

You’ll see this is done differently to the standard cumulative total pattern.

Give this a go.

You can download the resource here