Cumulative budget dynamic variable

I have been studying your video →

I have created a basic cumulative budget model and visual.

The daily budget value is static and is captured in a measure, value is $1500
This measure is used in the cumulative budget 2 measure.
I would like the daily budget to be a dynamic value based on the daily income measure in my measures table.
How do I set up the model so that I can pass the daily income value into the cumulative budget 2 measure?
Template 25.05.22.pbix (232.3 KB)

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Hi @jsavage - Please check attached file. It passes [DailyBudget] into [ cumulative budget 2] measure.

Template 25.05.22.pbix (198.6 KB)

Ankit J

Hi @jsavage, have you checked the file provided by @ankit? Did it help in your query?

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thanks this is great