Cumalitive Totals witt Slicers


I have a cumalitive total calculation - see below, which works fine on my report page that has a Date Slicer using Date Between (see pic). But on my report page that has two seperate Year and Month slicers the Cumalitive Total graph re calculates and is adding the cumalitive totals for all dates in all years (see pic)

I thought i could try using AllExcept in my calculation after watching one of Sams tutorials on that subject but that also did not work. I also checked my date table but can not see anything obvious to me that is wrong.

Any ideas?

Total Injuries Cumalitive =
CALCULATE([Total Injuries],

Pic where calculation is displaying correct results

Pic where calculation is not applying the year filter slicer



Instead of ALLSELECTED(‘Dates’[Date]) try ALLSELECTED(‘Dates’) to reference the whole date table.

Hopefully this will help.


Thank you @DiBest it worked :smile: so simple but I would not have figured it out so quickly.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: