Cross selling Show Case as Cross-Table


Dear Sam
How can we implement the cross-selling show-case you show it to us in your video in a form of Table with e.g.:

Rows = the products
Columns=The filter products
Numbers in each cell=the customer no of purchased frequencies
We design it as a heat map with colors based on the frequency of customers (orders) who purchased both products e.g.: (Product 1 + Product 11)

This Image might help to get what I’m targeting:


The scenario in the Video is good for the operation people but for decision makers or top advisors like (CEO) the showcase might not help them to get the overview of their products so , can you show us how to do this?


I’ll place this on the list as something to look to cover in the future. Thanks


Does it will wait long in the queue or it might done within week or two ?


No time frame right now unfortunately. Thanks